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Who are we?
23rd Legislative District Democrats are your neighbors who share your concern for our country's future. America is at a crossroads, and we have an obligation to choose the right path. By working together, we can protect our families, invest in our communities, and leave a better world for our children. Our Board oversees  Committees that keep us organized and connected to Partner groups. Join one of our Events to find out more. This site is organized to help you find News about our activities in the Legislative District, support Voting, and help you connect with your local Precinct Committee Officer. You can also contact your Elected Officials and helpful Partner Organizations.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to promoting a progressive agenda that -- among other things -- will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, provide health care for all, increase access to higher education, reform our immigration and criminal justice systems, reaffirm our civil rights, promote more sensible foreign policy and reduce the influence of money in politics. 

We do this by identifying and supporting progressive Democratic candidates, supporting grassroots mobilization to raise awareness and increase voting, and by amplifying our collective voice to our county, state and national organizing bodies to influence our party's platform and positions on issues. 

23rd Legislative District Goals

Kitsap County is home to three important legislative districts, the 23rd,  the 26th and the 35th. Within the 23rd LD, we vote in Precincts. Most Precincts have a Precinct Committee Officer, a neighbor who has been elected or volunteered to establish a direct link between our party and the voters in our neighborhood. Find your Precinct and connect with your PCO, or consider becoming a PCO yourself. Our goal is to:

  • Increased collaboration to strengthen our voice by attracting younger voters, bridging the urban/rural gap, finding common ground with new partners, coalescing with unions, helping other Legislative Districts.
  • Improve communications through better use of social media and creative messaging, more communication with members, more speakers at 23rd LD Democrats’ meetings and more advocacy training.
  • Increase use of voter data by neighborhood canvassing to update voter data, better analysis of available voter data and more effective GOTV messaging.
  • Fill vacant PCO positions and improve PCO effectiveness through more resources, training, mentoring and neighborhood organizing.
  • Support Democratic candidates by focusing on down-ballot races and recruiting and training new candidates.

Our State 
We support the Democratic Party in Washington  (Washington State Democrats). The graphic in this link shows how we fit into the organizational structure of Democratic Party in our state and nationally. 

Our (National) Party
The Democratic National Committee, or DNC plans our presidential nominating convention and promotes the Democratic Platform, the statement of core principles at the heart of our Party, is governed by its Charter and Bylaws.


Your membership will support the activities of Kitsap County Democrats in general and the work of your Legislative District in your neighborhood --  Join us  today!


Your financial gifts will propel the "Blue Wave" in the next election cycle when you DONATE today.


Go to   VoteWa   to make sure you're registered, change your address or see your voting history.  Young citizens may register at 16 or 17 and receive their ballot for the 1st election on or after their 18th birthday. If you aren't registered, register online with State ID or on paper form with your Social Security Number on this link:



The Progressive Voters Guide is a voting resource for Democrats and anyone who wants a progressive position on the issues on YOUR ballot. If you sign up, you will get timely information which is personalized to reflect the choices on your ballot.

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