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The Role of the PCO

PCOs have the following basic responsibilities:
  • Know the voters in your precinct. Figure out which are Democrats and which are Republicans. Find out what issues motivate your neighbors—and make sure all that information is available to local parties and campaigns. 
  • Coordinate with campaigns in educating voters and generating interest in the election on behalf of candidates and ballot measures. 
  • Attend legislative district and county organization meetings. Make sure the voices of voters in your precinct are heard in local party decisions. 
  • Nominate candidates for office in partisan races. The State Party’s Rules for Nominations give local PCOs the power to choose the party’s nominees. 
  • Participate in the appointment process when vacancies occur in partisan offices. When a vacancy occurs, PCOs choose which candidates are submitted to the county council for appointment. 
  • Chair your precinct caucus during presidential election years under the direction of your local party chair. 
  • Stay in touch with your local chair or PCO coordinator.


To apply, use the following links to print and fill out the Application, then return it to your Legislative District Chairperson. 

23rd LD Application  23rd LD Chair

PCO Training Resources

This Handbook was written to assist you in your role as a PCO. It will answer many of your questions about the structure of the Party organization, the duties and responsibilities of being a PCO, and the best way to utilize available resources in order to effectively mobilize your precinct. Taking the time to read this Handbook and using it as a reference during your time as a PCO will help elect Democrats at the local, state, and national level.

PCO Handbook

Precinct committee officers

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO) are a building block of the Democratic Party in Kitsap County and Washington state. They are the grassroots organizing base for all Democratic Party activities.

PCOs play an important role in electing Democrats. It’s their job to get to know their neighbors, educate undecided or swing voters, and make sure Democrats are registered to vote. Before Election Day, they work to turn out voters. They are the grassroots organizing base for all Democratic Party activities.

Current PCOs are completing their 2-year term this year. New terms will begin December 1, 2018.

Click here for a link to a brochure with more information about PCOs:

 PCO Brochure

How to become a PCO

There are two ways to become a PCO - election by the voters in your precinct, or appointment by your local Democratic Party organization. 

Democratic voters in each precinct will elect PCOs in their August Primary. A candidate who runs unopposed will be automatically elected; contested elections will appear on the primary ballot.  PCOs elected in August will take office on December 1st. 

Local Democratic Party organizations have the right to appoint PCOs to fill any seats left vacant - either because no one filed to run, or because the elected PCO has stepped down. If your precinct is vacant, the Chair of your local Democratic Party organization can appoint you to serve as an "appointed" PCO starting immediately!

If your precinct already has a PCO, the Chair of your local Party organization can appoint you as an "acting" PCO for a precinct that you do not live in. Note that Acting PCOs do not have PCO voting rights.

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