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9 Dec 2019 1:16 PM | Douglass MacKenzie (Administrator)

2020 THREE Elections March 10- Washington State Presidential Primary,  

August 4-General Primary, 

November 3-General Election.

 2020 March 10th Presidential Primary Ballot Information.  Get the word out to your precincts and friends.

Voting in the Presidential Primary will be a two part process in order to have your vote counted in WA State.

Every Voter, irrespective of party affiliation,  will be required to 1) check one of two Party boxes on the ballot envelope.

Voters will have to identify for the election as √Democrat or √Republican.  

Voters will have to vote for Candidates that match the Party you selected on the envelope.

At the Auditor's office ballots will first be sorted by envelope's Party choice- one bin for Democrats, one bin for Republicans, one bin for no selection.  The envelopes with no selection will be archived but not counted.  Democrats' bin and Republicans' bin will be tended too separately.  Envelopes will be opened and ballots removed

for scanning separate from voter information. Each Party’s bin will be scanned to ensure candidate selection matches Party Choice.  Any discrepancy, ballot will not be counted.

Voters should know that their envelopes, with party preference, will be part of public records and will be stored for 22 months by the state. The ballots themselves remain private and are also stored for 22 months.

Presidential Primary election ballots will be released Feb. 21, 2020. 


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