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Run for Office- 25 WA Legislative Seats still with unopposed Republican candidates. Know anyone in the districts below?

5 May 2020 7:19 PM | Debbie Hollyer (Administrator)

Message From: Tina Podlodowski, WA Democratic Chair

Sent: Friday, May 1, 2020 8:36 AM

Hey Democrats - let’s spend some GOP money!

There’s an important date that's coming up in less than two week - our local candidate filing deadline for office. May 11th through the 15th is filing week - the deadline for candidates to file for office. So far, we've got Democrats declared as candidates for 101 of the 126 legislative seats that are up for election in 2020. But that means there are still 25 legislative seats where Republicans are running unopposed. 


We ESPECIALLY need folks to run against the big surplus GOP incumbents - so we spend THEIR money.


An unopposed Republican candidate guarantees a GOP re-election in a year where the wild political dynamics and Trump's deep unpopularity can put seats across Washington in play. Next, it lets those unopposed Republicans raise money, then funnel it to seats that are contested instead of spending it themselves, putting us at a financial disadvantage to the other side in some of these key seats. Three, it hurts our party building efforts when we don't have Democrats represented on our legislative ballots. It's important that we give our voters democratic candidates to vote for and make sure that our coordinated campaign has candidates that they can work hard to support in these districts. 


We were almost at 100% in every race in every place in 2018, and that surely made a difference!

Here are the “fat surplus” targets in both the House and the Senate with their current surplus account totals - CAN YOU HELP US RECRUIT?




We're working to find candidates to step up in these districts, but we have just weeks to do so, by May 15th. We need your help to track down people you know might be interested in running. We also have help from Alex Bond, who you can reach at alex@wa-democrats.org. He's working with the party to help track and coordinate our recruitment efforts  in this last set of races, and can provide information on how to run for office to interested people or candidates. If people you know are interested in running, or you have a recommendation for someone for us to “recruit”, send him an email and he'll be in touch with you, or just respond to this email and I’ll make it happen!


Be well, stay safe, and thanks so much - 



Tina Podlodowski, Chair, Washington State Democrats



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